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Imprint takes a visual approach to help people master complex topics and learn new skills from the world's greatest thinkers, courses, and books.

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Technology Utilized


iOS Development

Web Development

The Challenge

Imprint wanted to quickly bring to market a mobile experience with interactive illustrations and animations that help users master complex concepts more quickly; an app that enables them to learn essential topics and skills for work and life, with visualized insights from bestselling nonfiction books and other original content.

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The Solution

Through careful calibration, timing, and pixel-perfect precision, Rapptr created a platform where readers can learn, complete quizzes, and interact with content in a fully customized way - all dynamically driven by a robust web-based content management system.

Incredibly committed to data-driven development and testing, the Imprint team also relies on Rapptr for ongoing comprehensive analytics and a steady stream of optimization experiments.

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4.7 stars on the app store

They have a strong understanding of multiple platforms, acquisition costs, ads, and analytics. They were able to guide us on which components to use and expertly hook them all together.

Jeff Feldman

Head of Product, Imprint

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