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Our app designers have a passion for bringing excellent, scalable digital products to market quickly. We build great user interfaces for mobile apps and web products that increase conversions, reduce maintenance costs, and create a thrilling user experience.

With decades of experience in mobile app design and development, the Rapptr team knows how to build unique, intuitive, and engaging mobile experiences. Funded startups and organizations of all sizes work with Rapptr to design beautiful apps that delight and deliver.

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Our Holistic App Design Process

We approach app design with creativity, strategy, and a user-centric approach. Informed by careful research and testing, our team helps you build better mobile apps and digital experiences from start to finish.

Research and Strategy

Understanding the Landscape

Our first step always centers around you - we conduct interviews with stakeholders to understand your vision for the app and what problems you'd like to solve. Then we identify user needs and pain points by conducting extensive audience research and analyzing the app landscape, trends, best practices, and notable successes. Last but not least, we'll look at how other apps solve users' problems and how to differentiate your app in the mobile ecosystem.

UX Design

Crafting an Exceptional Experience

Our UX team builds out personas and customer journeys based on insights from clients and audiences - research-based tools that help you understand who will use your app and why. Then, through wireframes, we map the user experience, screen by screen, to help visualize how the app will look and how users will interact with your app.

UI Design

Premium App Experience for Your Customers

Visual design starts with an exploration phase - we share inspiration and find out what moves you. Our design team then crafts an on-brand visual identity for your app. Then, we work with you to design a polished app that is both beautiful AND functional. By creating premium experiences for your customers, we can increase brand engagement and customer lifetime value.


Take Your Product to New Heights

Once your digital product is ready for launch, Rapptr is by your side to take it live! We’ll handle the production deployment, be on standby to make sure everything runs smoothly, and be eagerly awaiting early adopter feedback - just like you!

Test, Measure, and Refine

Hands-on from Beginning to End

User testing is an essential proof point for our team. We strive to deliver an exceptional digital experience that is secure and functional. We perform rigorous quality assurance testing before launch to ensure that the designs, functionality, and integrations are implemented appropriately.

Sustainable long-term success means knowing your product meets your business objectives and goals. As part of our data-driven agile process, we will continually measure and optimize your product's performance and work with you proactively to continually re-prioritize & execute your roadmap.

Deployment and Post-Launch Support

Launch is Just the Beginning

A great mobile experience is built and maintained on a foundation of quality support. We work with our clients to make launch a stress-free, successful process. Our approach offers transparent and collaborative services every step of the way, including post-launch.

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